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Virtual Retreat Days - Now Available

One Day Virtual Retreat

Saturday 24th April 2021 BOOK NOW (Online)

Saturday 23rd January 2021

Price: £60

Why not treat yourself to a day of non- doing in the comfort of your own home?!

Running via Zoom from 10am till 4pm, you be gently guided through various mindfulness practices including meditation, movement and various informal mindfulness practices.

Mindfulness teaches us the delightful notion of slowing down a little, giving ourselves the opportunity to be fully awake in the present moment, stepping out of autopilot mode and rekindling what we think of as ‘beginner’s mind’ – noticing things, almost as if we were experiencing them for the very first time.

Attendees at The Gift Retreats spend time being gently guided through meditations involving sitting on chairs, lying down, standing, mindful movement such as gentle stretching, and other mindfulnes practices. There are also plenty of periods of rest and non-doing. Nobody has to participate in anything that they would prefer not to, or has difficulty with.

The gift retreats are led in a completely secular, non-religious way and we simply respect that each attendee may bring his or her own spirituality.

No need to talk!! Unlike some retreats, we do not impose a strict regime of silence. However, we do encourage the idea that we can let go of the need to make conversation – that it’s OK just to sit quietly with others without feeling that it is rude not to talk! This can naturally feel a little strange at first but once we get used to it, it can feel comfortable and refreshing.

It’s very important to stress that going on a retreat is not some form of group therapy, although the effects of it are often profoundly therapeutic, leaving attendees feeling refreshed and renewed and with a wonderful sense of peace and well being.

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3 or 4 Night Residential Retreats - Currently Unavailable

Why not make a gift to yourself and your loved ones of a three or four day residential retreat in the beautiful surroundings of Tawstock Court and parkland in North Devon. How often do you really look after yourself for a few days, separating yourself from the frantic business of life and immersing yourself in the peace and tranquillity of ‘non-doing’?

‘A truly wonderful experience – it really was a ‘GIFT’ and no exaggeration to say my life is changed – in a good way!’

If you are interested in learning more about mindfulness and gaining additional practice before attending professional teacher training, then attending one of our 3 or 4 nights fully residential retreats in the beautiful North Devon countryside could be an ideal, and most enjoyable way of doing this. You could regard it as a very special holiday, for you and your loved ones! Attending one of our residential retreats is equally valid as a way of developing and deepening your learning, after qualification and a chance to gain a full year’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD), in one delightful way!

The Gift Retreats are skilfully facilitated by experienced teachers and trainers from The UK College of Mindfulness Meditation and The Devon School of Mindfulness.


We don’t think that going on a mindfulness retreat should require us to make any sacrifice in comforts, and in fact we offer completely the reverse with accommodation in a large and beautiful, historic country home with newly refurbished, individual, twin or double en-suite rooms, tasty and nutritious vegetarian food with vegan options, freshly cooked onsite by expert chefs – we even have a bar in the evening offering a little mindful drinking for those so inclined!!

We take great pride in being inclusive, offering to accommodate those with mobility challenges and helping them, as much as we possibly can to be able to participate. The retreats are led in a completely secular, non-religious way and we simply respect that each attendee may bring his or her own spirituality.

To find out more and how to book onto a residential mindfulness retreat please visit The Gift Retreats