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Mindfulness Teachers Association and Register

MTA Mindfulness Teachers Association

The Mindfulness Teachers Association (MTA) Register is UK’s largest professional body and register of accredited Mindfulness teachers

The MTA provides a free professional register and community of  teachers of mindfulness. The register is open to all teachers of mindfulness worldwide who have a recognised, externally accredited qualification in mindfulness teaching. As the largest professional body and register in the UK, the MTA IS commited to improving and upholding the high professional standards within the MTA community alongside promoting ethical and inclusive evidence-based secular mindfulness teaching throughout the UK and worldwide.

Mindfulness teachers who are included in the Mindfulness Teachers Association Register are bound by a strict code of ethical and professional practice. They agree to uphold the professional standards including:

  • Assessing the suitability of participants, giving accurate advice, and referring potential participants for consultation with their specialist health provider, where appropriate
  • Only teaching on the basis of an externally accredited mindfulness teaching qualification
  • Treating participants at all times with consideration, respect, dignity, compassion and kindness
  • Refraining from abusing the trust of their professional relationship with participants
  • Maintaining reflective practice in conjunction with professional supervision
  • Maintaining their own on-going professional development
  • Observing ethical and legal boundaries concerning confidentiality and making participants aware of such boundaries
  • Maintaining professional indemnity and public liability insurance.

Benefits of Joining the MTA Register

Mindfulness Teachers Association registration offers the following benefits for mindfulness teachers…

  • Making you more professionally visible – potential teaching work opportunities through strategic optimisation
  • Status and credibility – the register only includes suitably qualified
  • Information and discounted prices on CPD
  • It is free of charge.

Mindful Yoga Classes in Braunton, North Devon

Gentle Mindfulness and Yoga Classes for mental and physical health.

You do not need to have practiced mindfulness or yoga before to attend mindful yoga with Maddy.

This is a warm inviting space where the aim is to move the body gently with a focus on kindness and self compassion. Along with gentle yoga you will also be taught various mindfulness practices during the session including some brief meditations aimed at building resilience and also relief from anxiety and stress.

Why practice mindful yoga?
Here are some of the benefits:

Improves physical health including a reduction in pain, releasing stress, and improving sleep quality,
Helps people cope with negative emotions like anxiety and stress while improving positive emotions,
Greater insights into your feelings.
Improved creativity,
and much more….

Mindful Yoga with Maddy

Mindful Yoga is a gentle mindfulness meditation and yoga/ mindful movement class run by Maddy in Braunton, North Devon. Maddy is a qualified Mindfulness Teacher and Trainer, Yoga Teacher and Psychotherapist. Maddy has been working with people to help them cope with various mental health conditions for over 10  years.  

Mindful Yoga Classes are held in person at South Street Church in Braunton North Devon every Friday at 12noon – 1pm. £8 pp or £30 for a block of 4 classes. Card payments accepted.

Book today

If you would like to pay for an in person mindful yoga class in Braunton,  please follow this link.